Branch: How a Tech Company Champions for Diverse Tech Communities
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Branch: How a Tech Company Champions for Diverse Tech Communities

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August 18, 2022
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Founded in 2014, Branch, is a mobile deep-linking and attribution platform that helps companies unify user experience and measurement across devices, platforms, and channels to increase their marketing ROI. Branch has been used by over 100,000 apps, accumulating over 3 billion monthly active users! Today, the global company has over 500 employees and offices all over the world. They recently raised new funding with a valuation of over $4 billion and they aren’t slowing down anytime soon.

Quick Facts

  • Employee resource groups and diversity initiatives
  • The Growth Stack: Championing for Black tech founders
  • Remarkable employee reviews
  • Hiring for remote roles!

Diversity Initiatives

Branch makes it known to their employees that they care deeply about creating an inclusive and diverse culture. Since 2014, Branch has opened 6 critical employee-run resource groups to empower members, foster safe spaces, and support professional development. Some of their notable ERGs for diverse members include Roots, a space for Branch employees of African descent and Viva, a group dedicated to the Hispanic and Latinx communities at Branch. Check out their other impressive ERGs here. Along with their ERGs, Branch has established a dedicated diversity committee and made a commitment to equal pay

It’s inspiring to see companies reflect on where they are now and how they can do better. Branch is committed to measuring the representation of their team and holds themselves accountable by publishing their results externally. Take a look below at Branch’s current 2022 breakdown of the number of underrepresented employees and their goals for 2024.

Graph of Branch's 2022 Underrepresented Employee Breakdown vs Goals for 2024

Championing for Black tech founders

Today, only 1% of founders backed by venture capital in the United States are Black. Branch, along with 4 other notable tech companies, participates in The Growth Stack, an initiative that provides free access to SaaS products for early-stage startups led by Black founders. Branch is committed to helping Black-led companies accelerate their growth and provide concrete, long-lasting support.

Remarkable employee reviews

Branch has received the Best CEOs for Diversity award for the past 5 consecutive years from Comparably (a website dedicated to workplace transparency). Among the overwhelming number of positive reviews, Branch has an impressive rating of A+ (88/100) from diverse employees across several culture categories, making their diversity score in the top 5% of other companies. Here are a few more noteworthy stats:

  • 99% of diverse employees say that their work environment is positive
  • Diverse employees rate company culture 92/100

One of their diverse employees in the marketing department has said“Branch truly has the best culture that I have ever experienced. From day 1, I knew that Branch cares about their employees. There is so much transparency from leadership. My team is fantastic, I always feel supported.”

Therefore was thrilled to introduce our Community Members to Branch and to highlight all of the meaningful and impactful work they are doing for diverse communities in tech. We can’t wait to see how Branch continues to grow and drive real change!

Therefore Community Webinar on 8/18 featuring Branch

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