Prove: A Company Using Employee Feedback to Drive Change
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Prove: A Company Using Employee Feedback to Drive Change

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August 12, 2022
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Founded in 2008, Prove streamlines how businesses prove their customers’ identities. Their solutions help companies engage with new and existing consumers, while bolstering security and enhancing consumer privacy. Prove serves over 1,000 enterprises across a broad range of industries, and their team experienced 153% employee growth over the past two years— and they aren’t slowing down! 

Quick Facts:

  • Recognizing the work to be done, and investing in DEI
  • Using employee feedback to drive change 
  • Noteworthy employee reviews 
  • Hiring for remote roles!

Recognizing the work to be done, and investing in DEI

We’ve said in previous company highlights that it isn’t necessarily an already diverse and representative team that makes a company buzzworthy. Buzzworthy can also mean companies that have overcome the first big hurdle towards meaningful DEI change: looking at their teams and admitting that there is a gap (check out the Therefore profile on Salsify). Prove has done the uncomfortable—but crucial— work of admitting that they have work to do, and have since doubled down on their investment in DEI and company culture. 

One clear signal of this is that they hired a director of employer brand and culture, Tyler Do. Do has emphasized the importance of employee feedback to update company offerings, benefits and engagement opportunities. Through frequent surveys, A/B testing, and other exploratory tools, Do works with the team to ensure that the team feels listened to, seen, and treated fairly. 

Using employee feedback to drive change

Prove also has a dedicated Diversity and Inclusion Council made up of employees from across the organization. The council serves as a way to facilitate meaningful conversations with employees to ask questions, to listen, and understand where it falls short as an organization. It’s great to see that the council has a corporate executive sponsor, which provides the backing from the highest levels of leadership that empowers diversity initiatives. One member of the council emphasized that:

“We’re not just talking about problems; we’re fixing them, with support. Prove has done an excellent job of putting weight behind its issues and hiring intelligent people to address them.” — Kris Varma, Strategic Partnerships team, member of Prove’s Diversity and Inclusion Council 

Noteworthy Employee Reviews 

Over the last two years, Prove has won a collection of awards based on employee reviews, including Best CEOs for Diversity, Best Leadership Teams, and Best Career Growth. According to Comparably, diverse employees have given the company an A+ Diversity Score, putting it in the top 5% of companies with 201-500 employees. The majority of employee reviews about Prove that are publicly available are positive— so much so that it’s hard to choose what stands out most. Here are a few noteworthy stats:  

  • 97% of diverse employees say their work environment is positive
  • Diverse employees on the customer success team rate company culture 96/100 (and Latinx employees rate it the highest!) 
  • Diverse employees rate the CEO highest at 92/100

Each of these highlight that the company takes their diversity initiatives seriously and is trying in earnest to give everyone a seat at the table. One customer success manager that identifies as black has said:

“The Prove culture seems to really make space for everyone. Yes, we have a lot of positive energy, but we also seem to be very honest about what needs to be tackled to get us where we want to be. It’s exciting to be here in a moment of growth and change – it doesn’t seem like we’re willing to let tradition shackle us and are willing to try new things and approach things in a new way and be innovative.” —Leonard Tann, CSM at Prove

Therefore was extremely excited to introduce our Community members to Prove, and we can’t wait to see what DEI initiatives the company puts in place next!

Therefore Community Webinar on 8/11 featuring Prove
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