Salsify: A Unicorn with Concrete DEI Goals
Salsify: A Unicorn with Concrete DEI Goals

Salsify: A Unicorn with Concrete DEI Goals

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July 28, 2022
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Founded in 2012, Salsify is an ecommerce SaaS company that empowers brands by providing tools to track and analyze inventories, presentation, and sales of goods on digital shelves. Considered a unicorn with a valuation of $2B, this team of about 700 recently got another $200 million of Series F funding that continues to propel the company’s hypergrowth.  

Quick facts

  • Women in C-Suite roles
  • Concrete DEI goals
  • Published diversity breakdown
  • High retention scores 
  • Remote role hiring 

Publishing Their Diversity Breakdown

Like most companies in tech, the Salsify team is mostly white (76%), and the Black and Latinx employees are underrepresented (3% and 4%, respectively). While the company's current diversity breakdowns highlight room for improvement, we love that they aren't shying away from showing the work they need to do to drive change in their org– something that took Facebook years to acknowledge publicly.


“We have a significant opportunity in front of us to do things differently… Our new [DEI] approach is focused on the following four aspects: attraction, recruitment, retention, and development; with a strong focus on equity, intersectionality, culture, and leadership being at the heart of everything we do.” – Colleen Habeski, Chief People Officer at Salsify 

Salsify has committed to expand the demographic data they track and annually release their racial and gender diversity data.

Setting Concrete DEI Goals

According to their 2021 DEI report, Salsify has set concrete goals that they are trying to work towards.

Salsify Diversity Goals:

  • By the end of 2024, senior leadership positions in the U.S. workforce will be at least 20% POC and senior leadership globally within each department will be at least 30% female or nonbinary.
  • By the end of 2024, the representation of POC in our U.S. workforce will increase to 30% — with at least 7.5% Black representation and at least 7.5% Hispanic/Latin(o/a) representation.
  • Achieve year-over-year improvement in overall workforce representation of historically marginalized and underrepresented communities. 

Updating their Recruiting and Hiring Policies 

Salsify has started various initiatives to source talend from groups that have been historically excluded from the tech industry. They are working with external talent partner to build a pipeline of underrepresented candidates,  for example collaborating with Hack.Diversity and Resilient Coders. Beyond sourcing, Salsify is increasing transparency of the hiring process for candidates and expanding their team’s interview training. 

High Diversity and Employee Retention Ratings

​​According to Comparably, diverse employees at Salsify score the company 84/100 across various culture categories, placing Salsify in the top 15% of companies on Comparably with 501-1,000 Employees for Comparably's diversity score. The Diversity score provides insights into how diverse employees feel and rate their work experience at Salsify across various culture dimensions. Additionally, the company has an overall retention score of A+ (85/100): Latinx employees ranks Salsify’s retention highest, at a score of 90/100. 

As Salsify continues to grow, we are excited to see the innovative initiatives that the company takes on to reach their diversity goals for 2024. 

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