Leveraging Cold Outreach To Land a Job
Leveraging Cold Outreach To Land a Job

Leveraging Cold Outreach To Land a Job

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July 18, 2022
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What is cold outreach

In the professional world, introductions through your network are a common way to get in contact with people you don’t know personally. If you don’t have a connection to introduce you to someone at a company, thoughtful cold outreach is still an effective way to connect and build your network. The motive behind this kind of message is the prospect of a new job and it’s typically done through LinkedIn, direct messages on social media platforms, email, and online community groups/boards.

Why should you do cold outreach

  • Stand out from the other applicants
  • Learn about jobs that might not have been formally posted yet
  • Get noticed by recruiters and hiring managers after sending an application as a candidate who takes initiative

Who should you reach out to

Do some research and try to find a contact who is a decision maker in the organization. This varies depending on the organization size. In small businesses you can directly message C-suite employees, at mid-range companies you can try both recruiters and business unit leaders (e.g. director of sales) and in large companies, you can even contact team managers and recruiters.

How to draft your message

Try to keep your message straightforward and short. Make it personal, actionable, and worth reading. Show that you have done your research and are genuinely interested in the company. Be clear that you’re interested in a job at this company and show how you would be a great addition to the team.

The Tried-and-True Email Template

Write an informative subject line

  • Experienced  [job title], [first name last name]
  • [first name last name] interested in [role] position at [company]
  • [first name last name] application for [role]

Always address the recipient by name

Hi [First name],

Introduce yourself (tip: you can use your positioning statement here!)

Give them clear picture of yourself: your full name, role, current company, something remarkable you have done in your line of work

My name is [name] and I am currently an account manager at (company). I have a comprehensive knowledge of [X] and track record of [X].

Share what you know about the company, what stands out to you, and why

Show that you have done your research and share genuinely why you are interested.

I heard about [Company name] during a webinar with Therefore and was impressed by the meaningful diversity initiatives at [Company] . After doing a deeper dive, your product solutions stood out to me because of [X] and your company culture seems amazing.

Why you are contacting them

Share that you would like a role at this company and explain why you are interested. Try to find a reason why you want to meet with them personally. For example, by mentioning an article or LinkedIn post they wrote.

I am looking for my next opportunity and I’m interested in possible open positions at [Company name]. I saw your post about [topic] and would love to connect!

Why they should set up a meeting with you

In one or two sentences, explain why you are the right person for the job. Highlight any of your applicable experience and demonstrate your enthusiasm.

I believe I would fit the team incredibly well with my [X] years of experience in SaaS organizations and with my passionate attitude towards [X].

Clear actionable ask

Ask for a quick meeting and provide your availability (remember to add timezone!)

Would you be available for a 30 min call next week? I am available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday anytime after 2:00 PM ET.

Sign off

Looking forward to chatting!


Consider attaching your resume

If you do — keep it to one page!


Don’t get discouraged or take it personally if you don’t get a response. Maybe the contact is currently busy, hasn’t seen your email or does not have bandwidth to take meetings. Try different types of emails and contacts and keep reaching out. And network, network and network!

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