How Alex Helped His Company Take Steps Towards Diversity
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How Alex Helped His Company Take Steps Towards Diversity

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June 15, 2022
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Alex joined the Therefore community as a company partner in January 2022. He is a Director of Market Development for an AI Tech company.

How did you find out about Therefore? 

I got a slack from the leader of our people team and she mentioned that she had gotten connected with this cool tool called Therefore that connected job seekers and companies. And it just jumped out to me, the unique nature of the idea. I definitely saw the value in finding diverse candidates and candidates from unique backgrounds. It’s important to turn over any stone in recruiting and I loved this approach.

Recruiting has become a core component of my role over the past month and with Therefore I found a really great way to build a candidate pipeline that I probably wouldn’t have come across. I also just enjoy hearing about people's experiences— especially those who pivoted into the tech industry like I did. I loved the approach. 

You mentioned the value in finding diverse candidates, could you tell me more about diversity at your company?

As a company, we are lacking in diversity. There is an organizational push led by the leadership team to reverse this and they consistently communicate that we need to work on this. 

My own perspective is that it’s really essential: a diverse team would breed the best ideas and culture. I want to walk-the-walk as I am building out my team. 

What do you think you’ve gained by being a member of the Therefore Community? 

"It’s been really eye-opening and personally satisfying. There's this feeling of connection and kinship that just kind of makes you feel good. I found it inspiring to hear some of the stories that people had and how it led them down this path to tech. It made me appreciate more the diversity of the human experience, and gave me a lot of perspective that I didn’t have before."

On top of that, the Therefore meetings I had provided an opportunity to be more candid than the interview process. These conversations convey more accurate reflections of motivations, work ethic, hustle and grit, communication skills. I was really able to suss out the traits that are important for future members of my team to possess.

Would you recommend the Therefore Community to people you know? 

I would definitely recommend Therefore to others and have already! It has been a great service and a wonderful experience all around.

Job seekers from the Therefore Community loved connecting with Alex! Here are a few things they had to say:

  • Alex, Is insightful and knows what he is talking about and doing. He seems like he would be a great mentor.
  • I hope future meetings are just as enjoyable as this one. My questions were thoroughly answered and I left the meeting with a plan to connect with him soon after.
  • His background, which I can relate to, is inspiring as we both started somewhere completely different from where we are at now.
  • He has a wealth of knowledge and what stood out to me was that he chose to pursue what he found exciting— so grateful for this connection

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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